Novy, basista i wokalista z ponad 15 letnim doświadczeniem scenicznym, znany z występów z takimi zespołami jak Vader czy Behemoth. Szalenie wszechstronny muzyk, którego inspiracje sięgają od heavy metalu, przez jazz po muzykę klasyczną.

Malwood666,666 gitara malwood 6

Malwood666,6 gitara malwood 6

Malwood666 gitara malwood 6

Malwood66 gitara malwood 6

Malwood6 gitara malwood 6

Stuff kolumna david eden wt1205 d410xst d115xlt

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Malwood4 gitara malwood 4

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Behemoth bass novy

Behemoth bass novy

bass novy

bass novy

bass novy

bass novy

Novy bass novy
NOVY, bass player and vocalist with more than 15 years of working experience on
the stage. Ex-member of the top of the line bands, such as Vader, Behemoth and
Devilyn as well as multiple project bands like Dies Irae, Spinal Cord,
Crucified Mortals, Condemnation and many more. Extremely versatile musician who
is inspired not only by heavy, but also jazz, classical and some other „good”
music. NOVY has played more than 1000 concerts in many countries including USA,
Canada, Australia and Japan.

For many times he has played at the most prestigious festivals, like: WAKEN,
Grass Pop, Rock Hard, Rock Sound, Brutal Assault, Tuska, Inferno, Arrow Rock,
With Full Force, Hellfest, etc. He had the opportunity to play at the biggest
stages in the world for hundreds of thousands of people (in 2003 for 350 000
people at the Woodstock Festival in Poland), supporting the biggest bands in
the music history like: Metallica, Slipknot, Korn, Slayer, Aerosmith,
Motorhead, Danzig…and many many more. In

addition to the 17 full length albums and 5 official DVDs released all over the
world with tremendous studio and live experience, NOVY has also been named one
of the best bass players in all of the industry related magazines for the past
few years.




2003 Blood

2004 Beware The Beast

2004 The Beast

2005 Night of Apocalypse DVD

2006 The Art of War

2007 And Blood Was Shed in Warsaw DVD

2008 V.666

2008 The Upcoming Chaos

2008 XXV


2000 Live Eshaton DVD

2000 Thelema 6

2001 Antichristian Phenomen

2002 Zos Kia Cultus (here and Beyond)

2003 Conjuration

2004 Crush. Fukk. Create. Requiem for Generation Armageddon DVD


2000 Immolated

2002 The Sin of War

2004 Sculpture of stone


1996 Anger

1998 Reborn in Pain

2001 Artefact

2001 Mystic Festival DVD

2003 The past and….


2004 Stigmata Of Life

2008 New!!! coming soon


2008 New Album-comig soon


2004 Converted By Decapitation

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